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at aubony we believe in bridesmaid bliss!


Aubony’s Bridesmaid Bliss is a go-to resource devoted to bridesmaids…guiding you through every aspect of being a bridesmaid and your bridesmaid duties. We tackle all the details: from bridal showers to bachelorette parties, including invitations, themes, games, favors, and so much more. Get inspired by tons of real parties from around the globe. We have step-by-step guides to your wedding-day duties and tips for an unforgettable maid of honor toast. Aubony has plenty of bridesmaid dresses to choose from and forward to the bride with “this one please!”

We haven’t forgotten the bride: You’ll find bridesmaid favors and ideas to help make your ladies look great and feel special on your big day. There’s more than one woman in this wedding, and Aubony’s Bridesmaid Bliss is here for every one of you!

Bridesmaid Basics


What Every Maid Needs To Know

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