Bridesmaid Basics



So you’re a bridesmaid or maid of honor. Now what?





Bridesmaid Basics: What Every Maid Needs To Know

First time as a bridesmaid? Know what the job entails. (Hint: It’s not just planning parties and holding bouquets.)

Dirty Details: Bridesmaid Extra Duties

Now that you have the basics. Here are the “extra” duties you may not expect (and they may not always be so fun…). From being the designated bride buddy on bachelorette night to helping the bride pee (eek!).

Bridesmaid on a Budget

Being a bridesmaid costs money…and sometimes quite a lot of it! How to deal with the sticky subject of budget, keep costs down and still be there for your best friend. Plus that thing you want to do but really really shouldn’t.

The Bridesmaid’s Pledge and the Bride’s Pledge

A bit of a humorous twist on your bridesmaid duties and a matching pledge for the bride. You promise to hold your tongue if you do not like the flowers, venue, and/or color scheme she picks for her wedding and she pledges to make no demands, as friends do not demand things of each other. (Plus, downloadable PDFs!)

Wedding Day Duties

Bridal shower and bachelorette down, but what exactly are you going to be doing the day of the wedding?

Wedding Day Packing List

A complete list of everything you’ll need on the wedding day, including some tips for making everything run smoothly.

Can I Bring a Date (and Should I)?

As a member of the wedding party, can I bring a date? And more importantly, should I? I know I’ll be with the bride for long periods of time, so what can I do to make the wedding a good experience for my date too?

10 Tips for Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

From making an appointment (yep, you need one) to being prepared for only a few sizes to be in stock to knowing how far in advance you’ll need to order, we break down your bridesmaid dress adventure.

A Guide to Bridesmaid Dress Fabrics and Finishes

Chiffon, charmeuse and shantung have you in a swirl? Navigating bridesmaid dress fabrications can seem daunting, especially your first time. What exactly is peau de soie and for god’s sake what will it feel like? This guide breaks down all the most popular bridesmaid dress fabrics, including what they look and feel like and what types of occasions they are best for.

The Ultimate Maid of Honor Speech

Breaks down the maid of honor speech to help you write the perfect toast for your best friend on her special day. We go through simple ways to start and end the speech and help with brainstorming that tricky middle section.

The Maid of Honor Speech: Do’s and Don’ts

Do bring a glass up with you (after all, you are giving a toast) but don’t use inside jokes or share stories you wouldn’t want to tell the bride’s grandmother. Important points to keep in mind while writing and delivering your speech.


The Bachelorette and Bridal Shower


Before the wedding day, your bridesmaid responsibilities are going to revolve around the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Here you’ll find step-by-step planning guides, party games and lots of info and advice. For more inspiration, check out our Parties section to see beautiful events from around the world!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning A Bachelorette Weekend

A detailed breakdown on how to put together a getaway weekend for all her best girls, including when to start planning, how to split up expenses and lots of tips to save you stress along the way.

How to Handle a Huge Guest List

The bride wants to invite all her closest friends…but planning a dinner or getaway weekend for 20 people can be overwhelming! We came up with a few party ideas that work well for large groups and won’t cause you to have a breakdown.

Do I Have to Open Gifts at My Bridal Shower?

A little advice for the bride. If you’re dreading opening your gifts in front of all your guests and the inevitable “circle of presents,” this article is for you!

Wine Basket Poem Gift Tags

A gift that keeps on giving—8 bottles of wine to uncork for 8 milestone events in her marriage. Collaborate with a few other bridesmaids to put this gift together and attach our 8 original poems (you won’t see these anywhere else) for events like her wedding night, first home or just because.


Party Games


Bar Scavenger Hunt

A fun printable lists of dares and challenges to make your night out on the town extra memorable.

Most Likely To…

A great game to play with a superclose group of friends. You’ll be surprised to find out who you really think is most likely to have kids first, get married next…or hook up with someone this weekend!

The Fiance Quiz

Send the groom-to-be a list of questions before the party, then challenge the bride “Newlywed Game” style.

5 Simple Bridal Shower Games (that don’t suck)

Let’s face it, a lot of bridal shower games are just…terrible. Here, five simple bridal shower games that won’t require hours of preparation (or toilet paper) and that may actually be funny.

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