Be The Coolest Bridesmaid Ever!


Dear Future Bridesmaid,

I am so glad that you agreed to be a part of my wedding day! I chose you to be in my bridal party because you mean so much to me and I can’t think of anyone I would rather have by my side on that special day. Before we embark on this journey, I thought I’d share some suggestions on how to be the very best bridesmaid you can be. I have seen relationships become strained through the wedding planning process and I don’t want that to happen to us. If you keep these 10 little suggestions in mind it would pretty much make you the coolest bridesmaid ever! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzPIN

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1. Make it personal. – When planning events like my bridal shower I would love it if you threw in some DIY touches. Sure it’s easy to just throw up streamers and call it a day, but it would be so awesome if you really took the time to personalize things.  I understand if my events don’t look like a page out of Martha Stewart Wedding, but I would really appreciate the extra effort.


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2. Be happy for me! – I’m sure this one goes without saying but everyone has bad days. I totally understand if you have some personal stress but I need you to bring a positive attitude to my wedding atmosphere. Try to leave your troubles at the door when we are doing wedding related activities and NO wedding snark please!


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3. Be honest, not mean. –  I ask you for your opinion because I trust you. I really want to know what you think but if your comment is negative try to phrase it in the nicest way possible. Obviously weddings bring out a lot of emotions and while I plan to try to keep mine in line, I need you to do the same.  I’m not saying you have to baby me. I’m simply asking that you try to be a little more sensitive without being dishonest.


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4. Keep me in mind. –  I know you’re busy but I would love it if you checked in once and while during the wedding planning process. I don’t always want to be the person to bring up my upcoming nuptials so it would be nice if you asked once and a while. Let me know that you are truly interested and offer your help.



5. Do the bachelorette party my way. –  If you know I like to party, let’s go to Vegas or if I’m more of a homebody, throw me the best at home bash imaginable! Even if the activities I want to do are not your cup of tea, please try to enjoy yourself! You are one of my very best friends and I won’t be able to have fun if I can see that you’re not!


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6. Go with my vision. – While I totally want and respect your opinion, if you don’t like my wedding ideas please don’t bash them. Chances are I have been dreaming of this day my whole life so try to go with the flow when it comes to my style and decor choices.


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7. Make sure I really shine. – If you find a unique accessory or the perfect pair of shoes for my dress, grab them for me! I’ll appreciate your efforts to keep me the center of attention and be super grateful for the styling help!



8. Pack an emergency kit! – There will be so much going on come wedding day, I’m bound to forget something. It would be great if you were there to pick up the slack. Pack a kit with a few of my favorite products and emergency supplies to ensure my big day goes off without a hitch!


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9. Don’t be a slouch. – There is going to be a ton to do on the actual wedding day so your help is crucial. Before the ceremony, be there to help me get ready and practice my vows. Having you by my side will really help me relax and enjoy the moment. Then, during the reception, try to remember the little things that can sometimes get overlooked. I’d really appreciate it if you did things like collect my bouquet or took a second to preserve my cake. I’d hate to get caught up in the moment and leave without those things, so you taking the time to remember them would mean a lot.


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10. Send me off right. – Help me relax before our getaway with an awesome honeymoon care package. The new Mr. and I will be so grateful and be sure to return the favor when your big day comes!


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I hope you understand that I am really not trying to be a bridezilla. I just want to make this the best experience possible and I really think these little guidelines will help. I promise to try to be the coolest bride ever in return for all of your effort. Thanks again for being such a good friend and an awesome future bridesmaid!


Your Future Bride Friend

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