The Cost of Being a Bridesmaid


According to the chart below from by, the cost of being a bridesmaid… a whopping $1695!!!

I have never added up all the costs like this before, but it seems pretty accurate – maybe even a little on the conservative side.

The second portion of the chart offers some great advice (click to enlarge).

It’s always a smart idea to combine the shower and bachelorette into one weekend. This will eliminate a good portion of extra travel fees, which is where expenses can really add up. If at all possible choose a location where you can all stay at someone’s house or apartment.

 I also feel that emptying your pocketbook for a big-ticket wedding gift isn’t necessary. A personal gift or small item from the registry is perfectly fine.

The bride and groom want you to be there for the wedding!

Their priority is your presence, not your presents.

I’d also advise brides to make getting your hair and makeup done optional, or at least shop around for good prices. If the bride wants to spend more on her hair and makeup (Why shouldn’t she? It’s her special day!) she could bring in a lower-cost hair stylist or makeup artist to work with her bridesmaids. You can also cut down on costs by choosing dresses with lower price tags.

Being upfront about having a budget isn’t a bad thing! Sharing your feelings and gently voicing concerns is what being a true friend is all about. I don’t believe any bride wants to feel like she’s costing her friends a lot of money. No friend wants to complain about the cost – we want to make our bride happy and make her day as beautiful and special as possible. Try to approach the issue with delicacy and remember that you’ll want her to return the favor and do the same for you when the time comes for your big day!