For out-of-town bridesmaids and attendants, submit your measurements with this easy form.

Dresses: It is essential that you are measured by a professional. Bridesmaid dress fittings require very specific & accurate measurements. Please have measurements taken under your clothing and wear the undergarments and shoes that you’ll wear on the wedding day (bra, slip, shoes). The size determined is based on your measurements which are very different for bridal sizes than regular sizes.

Tuxedos: To submit your measurements online, please be professionally measured at a local men’s clothier, tailor or formalwear store. Do not take your own measurements or use your regular suit measurements. A proper fitting is based on the quality of the measurements taken. Final Tuxedo Fittings are Required on all orders to assure quality and fit. Taking the tuxedo without a Final Fitting – you are assuming the risk of a problem.

Thank you,

Aubony Bridal